Monday, June 2, 2008

Sleepless nights

Ok so it seems like i only get on here and type when I cant sleep. I have been up all night working on Scholarships for college, because i was not blessed with a bloody rich family ha ha. I am looking at all of these scholarships... "describe an event where you have made an impact on your community and how it affected you..." ummm..... i can turn on lights on stage? I have come to figure out that... IM BOARING!! Sooooo not good... so you know what i did...

I freaking downloaded as much community service crap as i could so that way someone thinks im interesting and wants to give me money!

Wait... better idea.. maybe i will just get a pay pal account and add it on here.... CHELSEA'S SCHOLARSHIP FUND!!!

Good idea if i say so myself. =)