Saturday, November 22, 2008


One day two months ago I was in little ceasars eating lunch ( im a pizza addict oK?) and i decided to kill some time before i had to go to work... (bostons pizza... ) go figure... so i walked next door to the pet store..JUST TO LOOK. I liked looking at all the cute little puppies. But this day was a lil different.. i was looking down and this LITTLE TINY SABLE pom was looking back at me with such a dopy little look that i HAAADDDD to hold him.. i told the lady at the front desk that i was intrested in buying him ( I lied at the time so i could hold him... dude remember im saving to see my boyfriend in florida right??) so she gets him out for me and i went and played with him in the corner... well this little thing JUST made my heart MELT.... LIKE icecream on a hot day melt. AND the more i played with him the more i wanted him... But there is something else you should know about CHELSEA LYNN... when there is money in the bank and she sees something she wants.... she gets it...


I ended up buyin him and taking him home!

altho he has eaten four pairs of my panties and a couple sox and cough drops... he is still my baby bear and we cuddle together at night...

dis way im not lonely anymore!

he may look cute.. but beware.. he eats everything he sees and POOPS ON YOUR BED!!!!!!!!!'
any one wanna babysit?? haha

new place!

ok so i got a new place!!! woot woot!!!

Its in stanwood close to my old school and to the teachers that supported me all through highschool!

I happened to luck out with the master bedroom with the master bathroom and the master closet...! ( my last place's room was as small as my master closet... i could barley fit a twin matress in there...)

The only problem is that i dont have a shower curtian or rings ... lol or bath towls!! haha so i have one towl that i wash every night and i take baths... kinda sad... especially when my puppy tries to jump in and ruin it for me!!!

soo if any one wants to get me any house warming gifts... lol i could use some towls haha...

I also have an interview at I HOP on monday at two o'clock! Keep me in your prayers and thoughts because with this nice new bedroom... i dont really have a lot of money for food so a second job is very much needed right now...

eh im young... i can sleep when i die right??


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When your gone

Why do I miss you?
everything seemed too good to be true
I thought you would always be mine
it seemed everything was just fine
What is it that I miss?
I miss every hug and every kiss
Why do I miss you?
I can't forget how it felt to be with you
I can't forget all the times we had
the good times and the bad
All the nights up late on the phone
is now time I spend alone
Wishing you were here with me
gives me nothing but misery
So, why do i miss you?
simply because I can't forget YOU!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sleepless nights

Ok so it seems like i only get on here and type when I cant sleep. I have been up all night working on Scholarships for college, because i was not blessed with a bloody rich family ha ha. I am looking at all of these scholarships... "describe an event where you have made an impact on your community and how it affected you..." ummm..... i can turn on lights on stage? I have come to figure out that... IM BOARING!! Sooooo not good... so you know what i did...

I freaking downloaded as much community service crap as i could so that way someone thinks im interesting and wants to give me money!

Wait... better idea.. maybe i will just get a pay pal account and add it on here.... CHELSEA'S SCHOLARSHIP FUND!!!

Good idea if i say so myself. =)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So like half of my aunts have this blogger thing and I have decided to give it a try!

My name is Chelsea Lynn and I am a senior this year. Now for those of you who have graduated already know what this time of the year is like for a senior. CAN ANYONE SAY SENIORITUS!!!!!! Oh man its kicking in hard core!

They have all theses new requirements,DO THIS, BE HERE, DONT DO THAT, YOU can no longer go off school campus for lunch and we are going to charge YOU $3 bucks for a stinkin slice of pizza! I mean seriously.. can you see where im coming from!?

Oh and this WASL thing.. don't even get me started on that.. I have friends in pre cal that cant pass the darn math section of that yet I finally passed it and i BARLEY passed geometry... it's amazing... all the school teaches now is how to pass the WASL!.. want my advise/ HOMESCHOOL your stinkin kids.. it will save them soo much crap!

Senior project:

You ALSO have to pass some sort of senior project before you can graduate now too.. on top of 15 hours of feild based learnings and 20 hours of community service.

( I had 42 hrs.) =) but still thats adding ontop of everything else we have to do..

First pass all of your classes (hard)
Then pass all of your senior project requirements ( harder)

lets just go back to the days where 1+2=3 and it didn't need an explanation as to how you got your freaking answer!