Saturday, November 22, 2008

new place!

ok so i got a new place!!! woot woot!!!

Its in stanwood close to my old school and to the teachers that supported me all through highschool!

I happened to luck out with the master bedroom with the master bathroom and the master closet...! ( my last place's room was as small as my master closet... i could barley fit a twin matress in there...)

The only problem is that i dont have a shower curtian or rings ... lol or bath towls!! haha so i have one towl that i wash every night and i take baths... kinda sad... especially when my puppy tries to jump in and ruin it for me!!!

soo if any one wants to get me any house warming gifts... lol i could use some towls haha...

I also have an interview at I HOP on monday at two o'clock! Keep me in your prayers and thoughts because with this nice new bedroom... i dont really have a lot of money for food so a second job is very much needed right now...

eh im young... i can sleep when i die right??


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