Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So i was blog scrolling and i ran upon this. For some reason it keeps tugging at me. How many people do we know who have been treated the same way? And in the end its god who keeps us and keeps showing us he loves us even when we push him away or try and tell him mean things like we hate him and such. But with out fail he is there.

it really reminds me of my dads' relationship with god.

Lifes Little Lessons!

So I have this friend who adopted a dog from the animal shelter. She originally wanted to get a puppy so that she could start off fresh because most of the dogs at the shelter have been around and are very different from puppys. You can't teach an old dog new tricks basically. Anyways she desided to give it a chance and adopt a dog from the shelter. He seemed fine at the shelter, looked good, seemed to have a good temperment and so on. So she brings him home and of coarse the first tiny bit he was very shy, hid, seemed a bit scared but she figured it was just because he was in a new home and would need to get used to her. This was not the case. The dog started growling, barking, showing his teeth etc etc. Basically he was acting angry, tough and trying to be the alpha male. This bothered her a bit because she had adopted the dog to be her companion. She had owned another dog long ago and he was litterally "mans best friend" this dog however was not exactly that. So she called the shelter to ask about her new dog. It turns out that he had always been surrounded by other dogs who were constantly growling, barking, fighting etc etc so this was all the dog knew and quickly learned to act the same and act very tough. She had more of a understanding now that the shelter had explained this to her. So she got off the phone and desided to try to be more loving to the dog to show him she cared. She would try to pet him, give him kisses, and basically gice the dog the love and attention that it deserved. The dog was not having it. All she wanted to do was try to get the dog to trust her so that he would let her in but the dog seemed like he didn't want that. The dog seemed to like living there and seemed to like her but everytime she tried to pet him or anything the dog would back away, scowl and leave. Even if she moved to quickly the dog would get scared and run away. This behavoir scared her so she once again called the shelter to ask about his behavoir. The shelter let her know that he was actually a rescued dog. They had rescued him from the other angry dogs and put him into his first home. This home was anything but positive. His owners would scream at him, hit him, leave him outside, neglect to feed him, they barely gave him any attention at all. Seeing as how this was the dogs first home he figured it was normal and that he was just a bad dog. He quicly learned to not let anyone in and not to show any feelings. He needed to be tough and emotionless if he was going to survive. It was no wonder that the dog was not letting his new owner in. He was programed to think that if he was to open up and let his new owner in that this owner would hurt him. So he built up a wall of anger, emotion-less and "tough dog" syndrome and hid behind it. My friend was very upset because she had these hopes and plans for her new dog and he seemed to not only not care but not let her in. She called me very upset explaining the situation about the dog to me and asked me if I thought she should give up on the dog and bring him back to the shelter.......

.....Right away I told her that she couldn't just give up on him. She had made a commitment when she adopted him to be there for him and take care of him. He was finally in a good home and had a owner that truly cared about him and wasent going to hurt him like his previous owner. I also told her that even though he may seem like he doesn't let her in and doesn't act like a regular dog doesn't mean he doesn't actually like her. He had just been thru a lot and needed some time. He was probably already attached to her and cared for her more than she saw. It was just hard for the dog because of his past. I told her that she can't blame him for that and needed to keep him to show him that he is capable of having a good owner and capable of letting her in. She listened to me and agreed with me 100%.
She still has the dog and now he is the most loving and affectionate dog you will ever see. It just took some understanding, time and patience.

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It can remind us of so many people and situations. Can't it?