Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A High School Drama Queen

She Spends her time racking up the phone bill, hogging the hot water for the shower, stealing glimps' of herself in EVERY mirror she passes. A High School Drama Queen can NEVER have too many pairs of Heels, or too much eyeliner. Secretes are ALWAYS told to her and sometimes Told BY her. In a crowded room she always finds someone to talk to because she is an interesting person... A High School Drama Queen KNOWS THE WEEKNESSES OF HER TEACHERS!!!!! She knows how to play the pity card to scrape by if she has to... BEWARE! Those big watery puppy dogg eyes ARE A PLOY!

DADS: If she comes home crying saying its the end of the world because she and her "Boyfriend" have broken up.... please dont offer to "beat him up" or say something like there are other guys around because thats not what she needs to hear at that time. Best trick.... go buy her a small thing of flowers.. even if its a carnation and tell her you will always love her no matter what. She can always be a daddy's girl.
ALSO... the first time you catch her sneaking out..... SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUTTA HER.
Groundations from phone's wont work. We know how to buy pre paid phones.. Tell her that the reason you are so upset about her sneaking out is because you worry about her safety, this way she doesn't have the chance to say your a controll freak, and you dont want her to have fun. Give her a reasonable curfew and have her let you know where she is... but dont call her every 20 mins and ask where she is at that moment in time... if she has eaten ect...

MOMS: Beware.... a Drama Queen knows your worst enemy is YOUR mother. She Will call grandma and vent and try and get out of things because she knows you prob did worse things than she has done so far and she will milk grandma for any ammo she can get.

know that when your eyeliner sharpener goes missing to check the "Queens" backpack because she has mostlikely stolen yours because she misplaced hers. And KEEP your hairbrush under lockdown because thats next on the list to the sharpener. !!!
Homework is a option to a Drama Queen. She goes to school to talk to friends not to read a history book. its a fact.

now im not going to give away all the secrete's in the first post... who wants to buy the ice cream truck when your passin out the popsickles for free/?>>!!!!

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Gramma 2 Many said...

Sure describes my Drama Queen to a T